About us

Our history and story

Freshclusive was created in 2022 from solidarity: joint ambition, strength and years of experience within the fresh produce industry combined into a fresh, new and young company.

Brothers with the same passion for the fruit and vegetable world, expertise and a healthy drive to do business have joined forces to jointly conquer the world in the import and export of fruit and vegetables. Our customer is always king.

We connect the best growers and customers worldwide and want to provide consumers with the freshest fruits and vegetables with the best flavours.

Historie & verhaal Freshclusive

Our promise to you as our partner

We guarantee you the best possible service and the tastiest products, and we make sure that you don’t have to think about anything except which products and what volumes you need.

What can you expect from us?

Our mission and vision

Our mission and vision tell us where our heart lies and what our head says. We feel this in every assignment, every order and every product that passes our warehouse. It is also our promise to the world!


We provide consumers worldwide with the freshest fruits and vegetables, within the most efficient supply chain and with a focus on service, quality and taste.


We are creating a healthier world by making the freshest fruits and vegetables available worldwide to as many consumers as possible.

Freshclusive as employer

We do everything we can to be a good employer: we want to offer a workplace where everyone feels valued and can be themselves, with suitable positions where our people can show their talents and get the best out of themselves. Team spirit is essential to us: between colleagues, between the teams, and hierarchically, we are open and accessible to each other. Our mottos in the workplace are therefore:

  • Work hard, play hard
  • 1 team, 1 task
  • Collaboration is the standard
  • Have fun!

Do you feel our vibe, and would you be interested in working with us? Check out our vacancies, your dream job might be waiting for you!

Freshclusive als werkgever