Freshclusive pallet lids

Business case: realization of Freshclusive pallet lids in collaboration with Argos

At Freshclusive, we strive for perfection regarding product quality and service. The proper packaging for our pallets is an essential part of this: pallet lids provide extra protection during storage and transport. Together with our partner, packaging supplier Argos, we have developed pallet lids in our corporate identity. The latter is not without reason: a packaging design must convey a clear message and is essential for the success and brand awareness of our brand. We believe that anyone who comes into contact with the packaging and the products should be able to see immediately how the product should be handled and from whom it comes. Another reason to sit down with Argos and design a high-quality pallet lid.

Protection and communication

Packaging has various properties, and protecting the contents is one of the most important of these. During storage and transport, it is extremely important to protect fresh products such as fruit and vegetables and to ensure that the products retain their quality. By packing our pallets tightly and closing the top with a pallet lid before they travel to our customers, we also ensure that the pallets remain stable. By adding our name, logo, website and additional information such as handling conditions (handle with care), we both increase the visibility of our brand and add an extra quality assurance. Our products mainly go to distant destinations, making it essential that the products arrive at the customers in top condition. We do everything we can to make this happen.

Remy Wolswijk, Argos product specialist Fruit and Vegetables:

“Freshclusive’s large logo, in combination with the communication about the content and website listing, is a perfect example of successful packaging. The pallet lids now serve not only as a stabilizer or as a cover tray to reinforce the pallet but also as a communication carrier during storage and transport. We are now using the communication opportunities to increase Freshclusive’s brand awareness worldwide.”

Quality and efficiency

When developing packaging, we take factors that we consider essential, such as quality, sustainability and product safety, into account as much as possible. Efficiency and innovation are also core components when making decisions about packaging material. That is why, together with Argos, we have examined, among other things, the optimal use of raw materials, the possibilities for recycling, reusing the packaging and the application. Here too, we find a suitable partner in Argos: “Our mission is to pack and protect together smartly and efficiently. We want to optimize where possible and use packaging more efficiently.”. By looking together at options, and possibilities and making future-proof choices in the field of packaging and taking into account our own values and goals, we have jointly arrived at a product that we are proud of and which our customers also benefit from.

Working together as partners

One of our main focus points is building long-term partnerships. This form of cooperation benefits everyone: growing together, developing further together, brainstorming and coming up with future-proof solutions ensures that you progress. The collaboration with Argos is an excellent example of this. This project, where our marketing department, packaging buyer and the product specialist from Argos have come to this result through intensive collaboration, is the perfect example of such a partnership. Knowledge and expertise are shared, combined and developed into the realization of a top product. Remy: “I am proud of what we have achieved together in a short time and I look forward to a successful future with the Freshclusive team”.

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